When the cost of living becomes too much to bear in times of climate change, cyber-wars, and mass forced migration

The World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, released it’s 10 year predictions list for upcoming global concerns.

2 Years-

-cost of living crisis

-extreme weather and natural disasters

-geo-economic conflicts

-artificial intelligence

-cyber crime increase

10 Years-

-climate crisis

-failure to adapt to climate change

-extreme weather and natural disasters

-cyber crime

-artificial intelligence

-natural resource supply shortages


Are we focusing on all the most important concerns? What other subjects should we be considering?

My predictions are:

2 Years:

-Water/ Food/Energy crisis

-community organization

-local groups forming to create solutions

10 Years:

-Water emergencies impact

-food chain disruption

-cyber space conflicts

-geopolitical conflicts increase

-technology failures

-federal government re-branding/ organizing

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